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  • Akita Breed Characteristics | My Akita Is... T-shirt |
    Rated 5 out of 5

    "My Akita Is..." Women's V-Neck T-shirt With Akita Breed Characteristics ($28.99)

    "My Akita Is..." shirt exceeded my expectations! The light-colored pastel word design described my fur-baby perfectly. It's a very nice and soft quality cotton shirt. The fit was as described (runs small). I ordered a size larger, which was very accurate, so I highly recommend ordering the next size up. The bonus is it has the cutest tiny logo discreetly placed on the back neckline. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fun tee!!

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    2017-06-14 10:25:53
  • Kate Mesta | Stamped Metal Tags | Wag More Bark Less |
    Rated 5 out of 5

    "Wag More Bark Less" Hand Stamped Metal Tags — Necklaces for Dog Lovers — Berner Cut (1½" x 1½") ($39.99)

    I bought this necklace for my friend as a birthday gift because she has a dog and she loves dogs (who doesn't?). However, this necklace is perfect for anyone. You don't need to own a dog to embrace and support the meaning of "Wag More Bark Less."

    My friend opened her gift and exclaimed "It's so cute!" (and it is!), and instantly put it on and wore it the rest of the evening. It looked great!

    The fact that this piece is made by hand in the USA by dog lovers and that Paws For Humanity shares a portion of their income with charities that train service dogs for disabled veterans just makes a beautiful piece of jewelry that much more beautiful!

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    Lisa G.
    2017-01-24 21:41:36
  • Adorable Dog Magnets |
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Dog Lover Magnets ($16.99)

    These arrived in the post yesterday and I was blown away. I couldn't believe how bright and shiny they are like jewels. The pictures are really clear and the quality really shines out at you. I put them on my refrigerator straight away and they are little works of art that make me smile every time they catch my eye. They are beautifully packaged and if you can bear to give them away would make an excellent gift but I am hanging on to mine. I just hope they don't start disappearing when my dog lover friends spot them I shall be frisking them on the way out to make sure.

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    Mandy Williams
    2016-06-08 10:21:27