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To date, together we’ve donated: $2,096.88

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At Paws For Humanity, giving is a fundamental part of our business and serves as a guidepost for everything we do.

We’ve committed to giving 10% of our company’s income to our selected charities. We total up our deposits at the end of the month and donate 10% of that figure.

That’s it. Easy. Transparent. 

We believe that if we bring you high-quality products and take great care of our customers, we’ll all win and share in the feeling you get when you’re helping others whether they have two legs or four.

So thank you on behalf of the Paws for Humanity team (including Maggie the Spokespooch!) and the charities we all support.

Charity List

Patriot Paws

Website: http://www.patriotpaws.org/

“The mission of Patriot PAWS is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and PTS in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence.”

Here is a 20-minute video that will bring you to tears and make you want to pull out your check book immediately. If you don’t have time to watch, you can read about this amazing organization on their website.

Go Fund Me Campaigns

From time-to-time we will donate to Go Fund Me campaigns that relate to people helping dogs. Below is an example of a campaign we recently supported.

Baby’s Second Chance











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