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Alarming Suicide Rates: Service Dogs for Veterans Help Save Lives

Service Dogs for Veterans are More Than Just a Pet

Pets make people happy. After all, it’s nice to have someone so happy to see you when you come home at the end of the day. But beyond the love and bond shared with a pet, there are many benefits to owning a service dog – especially for veterans.

Service Dogs for Veterans |

For the brave men and women of the armed forces, returning from overseas can be the start of another battle. They often suffer from a variety of health conditions, ranging from the physical to the psychological.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing issues faced by vets is their rate of suicide. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 20 veterans a day commit suicide and quite possibly more.

That means that vets represent 18 percent of all suicides, but comprise fewer than 9 percent of the total population.

That’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed…

Service Dogs for Veterans |

For these vets, there are several different types of therapies available; one very special sort of treatment to consider is the love, support, and companionship offered by a service animal.

Here we’ll cover are some of the benefits offered by service dogs for veterans and how you can find out more about getting a service dog for yourself or a veteran in your life.

Visible and Non-Visible Disabilities

When most people think of a disability, they imagine something they can see. While in some cases veterans do return from overseas with prosthetic limbs and other injuries you can see with the naked eye, that’s not always the case. Many brave soldiers return home with injuries that can’t be seen.

Veterans have unique health needs not experienced by society at large. In fact, many of the health problems experienced by vets returning from war cannot be lumped into just one single category or diagnosis. Their symptoms can range from concentration and memory problems to pain and fatigue.

The biggest health challenges facing veterans returning home are:

  • Mental health issues – The trauma of war can cause a variety of conditions for vets. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the most well publicized, but they also suffer from issues such as depression, violent outbursts, and alcohol abuse.
  • Chemical exposure – Service men and women who were exposed to chemical weapons such as blister or nerve agents may suffer long-term heart problems as noted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Infectious disease – Soldiers are provided with immunizations to protect them from disease exposure overseas, but there are some infections that vets seem to suffer from at a disproportionate rate that they can’t be vaccinated against. This includes diseases such as Coxiella burnetii (causing heart inflammation), leishmaniasis (a parasitic disease causing weakness, muscle pain, and more) and brucellosis (causing joint pain, cough, and fatigue for years). More information can be found here.
  • Vibration and noise exposure – War is loud, which makes hearing impairment or hearing loss an issue for those returning from battle. Vets who worked heavily with machinery abroad also suffer from vibration exposure, causing pain and numbness in the extremities.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)– This is caused by a jolt or blow to the head and is an injury that impacts the function of the brain. Blast exposures and other activities related to combat are often the culprits behind the high rate of TBI seen in returning soldiers. It can cause issues with attention span, an inability to process information, and language problems. It can also cause vets to suffer from irritability, anxiety, lack of motivation, depression, headaches, PTSD, and memory loss. Click here for more information on TBI.

As you can see, when many vets return home they are beginning a new fight. Now they must learn how to live with issues related to war as they acclimate into their lives outside of the military.

Service Dogs for Veterans |

Service Dogs: Improving the Lives of Veterans

For many veterans, returning home after deployment can be a challenge socially, psychologically, and physically. For veterans with both visible and invisible disabilities, it can be even more challenging – and that’s where service dogs come in.

A service dog is a support for a veteran, a rock they can depend on to help them ease back into their lives at home. Sure, dogs may be slobbery, goofy rocks at times, but a steadfast friend and support nonetheless.

How exactly do service dogs make such a difference in a veteran’s life when they return home? As it turns out, there are a lot of very important things services dogs can do for their owners, including:

  • Improved quality of life – Every veteran has a different set of needs upon returning home, but service dogs help to make daily life more manageable. They provide emotional support, complete tasks around the home such as turning lights on and off, assisting in balance work, helping veterans out of their wheelchairs, pushing buttons in public, opening doors, carrying things, retrieving item – the list goes on!
  • Easing back into public life – For many veterans, being in public spaces can be challenging due to physical or psychological limitations. Services dogs help provide emotional support to help veterans ease back into the public. This also gets the veteran out and moving, getting the exercise they need both physically and socially to be as healthy as they can be.
  • Rebuilding trust – For those who suffer from PTSD, rebuilding trust is important. Dogs are some of the most fiercely loyal creatures in the world and can help a wounded veteran learn to build trust with another again. At first, the trust may just be with the dog, but that will soon bleed over into trust with other people too, with the dog at their side for support.
  • Feelings of protection – Dogs help people to feel protected and safe. Many vets suffer from traumatic flashbacks, nightmares, depression, and anxiety. With a dog by their side, it helps to lessen these feeling so vulnerability and help them feel safe again no matter where they are.
  • Bring back the love – One of the best things about dogs is the love they give and how easy it is to love them back. Dogs tend to inspire feelings of affection – they’re not called “puppy dog eyes” for nothing!

This video shows just how a service dog can make a difference in the life of a veteran!

How a Service Dog Differs from a Pet

Yes, a service dog is just as much a part of the family as any dog but makes no mistake — a service dog is not a pet.

An animal that completes training as a service dog is allowed by Federal law to accompany its handler into places other dogs can’t go. They can go into public spaces such as hotels, stores, and restaurants.

While not required, service dogs often wear special safety harnesses that let people know they are a working dog and not a pet. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

A service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability.

So, while service dogs are as loved as any dog, they’re there to do a job.

What about Rescue Dogs?

For many veterans, getting a service dog can be a difficult task. The training for many of these dogs is expensive. But over the last several years, organizations such as Patriot Paws Service Dogs have begun to work with shelters to harness the healing power of a rescue dog, training the best and the brightest among them to offer assistance to veterans in need of a service animal.

Often, many of these animals were only lacking the proper training to make them the perfect companion. Once given that, it makes them perfect to be a service animal.

Service Dogs for Veterans |

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, up to 20 percent of the servicemen and women returning from a mission in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

A service dog can help vets suffering from PTSD transition back into civilian life, but the vet is also helping the animal. It’s a good match for two souls who are both seeking to be rescued.

Where Can You Find a Service Dog?

Finding a service dog is not as difficult as you might think! There are great organizations out there that work to pair service dogs with veterans in need of one. In fact, the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs has a program in place for veterans to get a service dog.

If a vet chooses to go through the VA, their case will be evaluated by a clinician. Remember, the clinician needs to make sure vets are able to care for the dog adequately (or that a family member can) and that a dog is needed to help the veteran with goals they wish to accomplish through their recovery. If they are approved, then they’re referred to an agency that matches service dogs with veterans and the start of a beautiful relationship begins!

Of course, there are other options aside from the VA. Other reputable service dog agencies include:

Luckily, there are many more programs to help veterans find a service dog, which is great because it means that people are beginning to understand how much service dogs can help heroes returning from war to reclaim their lives and begin to heal.

If you feel a service dog would help you, you can do some simple research to find a service dog agency near you. is a great resource for veterans to help them find service dogs. Just type in search terms related to “service dog” and that should be enough to help you find a non-profit near you and get the journey started.

How Much Does a Service Dog Cost?

The truth of the matter is that it takes time and money to train a service dog and providing a veteran with a dog can be a costly prospect. But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Training a service dog is a 12 to 24-month process. Organizations that train these dogs can spend up to $33,000 from start to finish. This cost includes training classes, adoption fees, insurance, veterinary care, and office expenses.

Luckily, many of the organizations that provide service dogs for vets are non-profit, so if a veteran meets the qualifications for the program, the service dog is free of charge to them.

How can organizations sustain this? Well, they get their funding from private donors, small business, corporate sponsors, and private grants. Fundraising events are also helpful to raise money to help provide this needed service that changes the lives of veterans and the dogs they adopt.

We take pride here at Paws For Humanity because 10% of our income goes directly to non-profits who train service dogs for disabled veterans.

Can You Train Your Own Service Dog?

If you already have a dog, then you might be wondering if it’s possible to train your trusty mutt as a service dog. The answer to that question is a resounding yes – in the United States, anyway.

It doesn’t matter who trains the dog as a service animal, what does matter is that the dog is trained correctly. According to Assistance Dog International (ADI), the minimum training requirements for the animal include the following. The service dog must:

  • Respond to commands (basic obedience and skilled tasks) 90% of the time on the first ask in all public and home environments
  • Demonstrate basic obedience skills by responding to voice and/or hand signals for sitting, staying in place, lying down, walking in a controlled position near the handler and coming to the handler when called.
  • Meet all of the standards as laid out in the minimum standards for Assistance Dogs in Public and should be equally well behaved in the home.
  • Be trained to perform at least 3 tasks to mitigate the handler’s disability.​

Service Dogs for Veterans |

As a matter of common sense, dogs who have one or more of the following temperaments are unlikely to make good service dogs:

  • Show aggression towards strangers or other dogs
  • Bark inappropriately
  • Bite
  • Snap or growl
  • Jump on strangers
  • Inappropriately sniff strangers
  • Beg
  • Are not potty trained

If you think you have what it takes to train your own service dog, then there are resources available to help you. Here are a couple of resources to help you get started:

Service Dogs for Veterans

A service dog can be a veteran’s first step toward reclaiming their life and finding their new normal after returning from deployment.

Most of us will never be able to understand all that veterans go through when faced with war or the new conflict they’re faced with upon returning home. But we can band together to try and make the transition for veterans easier and successful — and one of the best ways is with the help of a service dog.

We Believe Our Veterans Deserve More Than Just Our Gratitude

Those who risk their very lives to ensure our freedom deserve more than just our gratitude. Respect, honor and support are a bare minimum. That’s why we commit to giving 10% of our income to non-profits who train service dogs for those who return home from service to our country and find it difficult to resume a normal life whether their disability is visible or not.

Service Dogs for Veterans |

Brows our shop and if you find something you like, you can buy it for yourself or for a gift and know that your act is helping someone else. A win/win for sure.

Service Dogs for Veterans | Shop | www.PawsForHumanity.comPhoto Credits: Pixabay

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July 2016 Giveaway ~ Adorable Dog-themed Fridge Magnets! We Have a Winner!

Adorable Dog Magnets |

The July 2016 Giveaway is Open for Entries!

Dog Magnets | PawsForHumanity.comUPDATE: DeAnna Keller is the winner of our July giveaway. Congratulations, DeAnna!

Hi there! Bella here with the details on our giveaway for July. As you know, I love all things dog when it comes to decorating or gift-giving and this prize will surely delight!

This time we’re giving away one of our very own Paws For Humanity products. This is our set of Dog Lover Magnets valued at $19.99!

(Psst…they’re on sale right now for $16.99 so if you don’t want to wait to see if you won, pick up a set today! And, you can feel great about the purchase because 10% goes to our supported charities…oh yes it does!)

So, go grab your human and ask them to enter this month’s Paws For Humanity giveaway. Here’s how…

  1. Sign in below with your email or use your Facebook login.
  2. Click the Pin this Image on Pinterest button.
  3. Copy the URL* to the image.
  4. Paste it in the entry form, then click I Pinned It!
  5. You’ll know you’ve entered when you see this in the header of the entry form: July 2016 Giveaway |

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* To find the URL of the pinned image, go to your board and copy the string in the address bar…
July 2016 Giveaway | Dog Magnets |

Giveaway Rules (Summary)

All of the details are in the giveaway Terms and Conditions, which are in the giveaway form above. But just so you know the basics:

  • Entry Period: July 16, 2016 through midnight on July 24, 2016.
  • Entry Task: Share the picture of our Dog Lover Magnets on Pinterest. Be sure to click the I PINNED IT! button to register your entry.
  • Residency: Must be a US resident and if you are the random winner, the prize must be mailed to an address within the contiguous United States.
  • Age: You must be 18 years or older to participate.
  • Email Subscription: Entrant’s name and email address will be added to our email list. You may unsubscribe at any time. Information about how we handle your personal information can be found in our Privacy Policy here.
  • Winner Notification: Within 48 hours after the close of the entry period, we will use Rafflecopter’s random function to select the lucky winner. We’ll post the winner’s name on our Facebook page and send an email to the winner, who will have 48 hours to reply and claim their prize. If the winner doesn’t reply within the stated timeframe, a new winner will be drawn at random.
  • Product Delivery: We’ll mail off the package to the lucky winner within 24 hours of confirmation and receipt of the mailing address
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Charitable Giving Update for May & June 2016

Charitable Giving Update |

Charitable Giving Update | PawsForHumanity.comIt’s Time for a Charitable Giving Update…

Maggie here with our second charitable giving update.

If you checked out our About Giving page, you know that we’ve committed to giving away 10% of all product sales (excludes sales tax and shipping) and 10% of all affiliate income to our selected charities.

We’re out there trying to drum up sales to help ensure we are able to give as much as possible. But being new makes our charity checks a bit…well…embarrassingly small!

We decided to combine May and June together to make it look a tad better. We sent off a check in the amount of $14.32. Not much, but every little bit counts.

I can promise you that July will show improvement!

A big “Thank You!” to all who purchased our products or clicked through on our affiliate links. Your support makes it all work!

Charitable Giving Update

Shop Income (10%)N/AN/AN/A$20.40$4.40$0.00$5.16
Amazon Income (10%)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$9.49$32.50
Wholesale Income (10%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$0.00
Affiliate Earnings (10%)N/AN/AN/A$0.00$0.28$0.15$0.54
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Is Milk Bad For Dogs? Find Out In This Edition Of “Ack! Don’t Eat That!”

Is Milk Bad For Dogs | Ack! Don't Eat That! |

So, You Ask “Is Milk Bad for Dogs?”

Maggie | Leader of the Writer Pack @ PawsForHumanity.comGood question! And we’ve got it covered in this edition of “Ack! Don’t Eat That!” Since this is the first article in the series, let me introduce you to the concept.

About the “Ack! Don’t Eat That!” Series

Our “Ack! Don’t Eat That!” series focuses on your biggest food-related questions. Worried about feeding your dog something? Find out here! If there’s a specific food you’d like to see covered that hasn’t been featured yet, feel free to send us an email at or find us on Facebook to let us know. We will sniff out the research and post an article to cover your concerns in future editions of “Ack! Don’t Eat That!”

So, let’s get to it.

Is Milk Bad For Dogs | Ack! Don't Eat That! |

Is Milk Bad For Dogs | Ack! Don't Eat That! |

Is Milk Bad for Dogs? The Answer: It Depends.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to have a negative reaction to milk and other dairy products. According to Pet MD, symptoms can present in the form of excessive gas, diarrhea, skin rash and irritation, and even vomiting. Causes are typically lactose intolerance and even an allergy to milk protein.

As with humans who have these reactions, they are often caused by the sugars in dairy products called lactose. Lactose is broken down by an enzyme called lactase, and when a human or animal does not produce enough of it, the negative reactions may occur.

The ASPCA notes that the majority of dogs do not produce enough lactase to be able to handle milk and other dairy products. And, it has been found that some dogs are also allergic to the protein in milk. Weird, I know…because dogs love protein!

In general, milk and other dairy products are not good for dogs. It’s best to stay away from dairy all together and stick to a more pet-friendly nutrition routine.

But if your furry family member just won’t stop begging for that creamy, cool treat, give it in small doses and watch for signs of lactose intolerance. If Fido has the runs, gets bad gas, develops a rash or starts to toss his cookies, cut out the milk products entirely and see if that solves the problem. Of course, always consult your vet if the symptoms are chronic or don’t immediately improve.

My Dog Loves Ice Cream and Yogurt…Is That Okay? 

Hey, is that a trick question? Ice cream and yogurt are both dairy products. Similar to cow’s milk, these treats can cause the same symptoms in your dog if they are lactose intolerant or have a milk-protein allergy. Best to stay away or offer in small doses.

Don’t Puppies Need Milk?

Once a puppy hits the age of weaning from his mother’s milk, he no longer needs any form of milk. There is no need to find a dairy alternative, such as almond milk or coconut milk. He will be just fine without it, provided his main dishes are filled with the nutrients he needs. Talk to your vet to find the best dog food for your situation.

Even during the puppy stage, experts recommend staying away from cow’s milk. A mother dog’s milk is perfectly capable of sustaining a puppy. If no mother is in the picture, there are safer alternatives than dairy. Again, be sure to talk to your vet to see what he (or she!) recommends.

Dairy Intolerance and Protein Allergies Can Strike at Any Age

Kenneth W. Kwochka, DVM, Diplomate ACVD, cautions that dairy intolerance and allergies related to protein in dairy can crop up at any age. Studies in dogs showed symptoms appearing later in life despite a dog’s previous ability to tolerate the food.

Word to the wise…keep a sharp eye out for symptoms if you feed Fido dairy!

Fun Alternatives to Dishing up Ice Cream on Hot Days

It’s not all a downer, though. Ice licks are a great alternative! Simply grab a bowl, fill it with water and toss in a few treats and/or toys. Throw it in the freezer and in a few hours, you will have a tasty, cooling ice lick. No dairy needed!

Another idea is to make popsicles or doggie cubes. You can find some fun trays and toys on Amazon.

Here are a few links to posts on other sites that share recipes you can use to make your own frozen pup treats!

Of course, if they suggest using dairy in the recipe, you can leave that out or substitute it with something non-dairy.

Wrap Up

Stay tuned for more “Ack! Don’t Eat That!” articles so you can stay up to date on what you should and shouldn’t be putting into your furbaby’s body. Looking for non-dairy dog food? Check out this article on high-quality dog food for sensitive dogs, and please feel free to visit us on Facebook. We’d love to hear what other foods you’d like to have covered.

I’m off to go make myself a dairy-free ice lick! Ta-ta for now!

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Gifts for Dog Dads: 22 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts For Dog Dads | End of the Day by Georgie Pauwels | Paws For Humanity

Does Fido Need Some Inspiration? Check Out This List of Cool Gifts for Dad!

Gifts for Dog Dads | Champ | Member of the Writer Pack @ PawsForHumanity.comFather’s Day is just around the corner and while there’s plenty of gifts for those dads with human babies, it can be hard to find great gifts for dog dads. Don’t fear — Champ here today to bring you all the information you need for the upcoming holiday! Hey, these ideas are great for more than Father’s Day; what about birthdays, Christmas or just to say “I love you!”

I checked with all the dogs here at Paws for Humanity to see what gifts they had sniffed out and narrowed the list down to share the best-of-the-best with you.

With 22 on the list there’s bound to be something for every type of dog dad, so dig in! Oh, and the best part? Many of these products are made right here in the United States.

Gifts for Dog Dads | Gift Guides |

Gifts For Dog Dads | End of the Day by Georgie Pauwels | Paws For Humanity

Image Credit: Georgie Pauwels on Flickr

Our list is broken into three sections: Home, Apparel and Travel (think outdoor fun!). Let’s start with cool stuff for around the house.

Gifts for Dog Dads at Home

We’ve covered it all from awesome decor to sports-watching accessories to dog-themed clothes and stuff to help Dad with keeping us tidy and busy! 

Magnetic Key Holder by Meriwether

Gifts for Dog Dads | Magnetic Key Ring Holder by Meriwether |

My dad is always losing his keys. Really. He does it on a daily basis. Because of that, I thought this magnetic key holder would be an awesome present to add to his list – and Maggie agrees!

The key holder looks like a basic shelf, but it’s so much more. On the top, it could hold all sorts of treats and other stuff, like a phone, but the magnetics on the bottom open up a whole new world. Each magnet is strong enough to hold over 65 average keys. Heck, it can even hold a hammer! So, do you know what that means? It could hold a dog leash too! Sweet, right? The sleek design is perfect for any dog-loving dad.

Portable Paw Cleaner by Paw Wash

Dad hates washing the floors after I come in from a romp in the mud, and I really can’t blame him. Bella, who is the frilly one of the group and hates having dirty paws, recommended the Brushless Paw Wash to add to the list, and I can’t agree more – it fits in perfectly.

This paw washer makes cleaning paws easier than ever. No messy brush and soap slinging problems with this product! Simply dip your paw into the paw washer, which comes in various sizes, and it comes out clean, no matter what you’ve been playing around in. Dirt, sand, and mud are no match for this awesome tool, which has been recommended by vets all around the country. It’s great because it allows pet owners to freely let pups play without the worry of dirtying floors. Oh, and as a bonus, the company throws in a microfiber cleaning mitt for easy cleaning on other parts of the body. You can’t tell me your dad wouldn’t love that!

Pet Pro Footbowl by Remarkabowl

A lot of dads like sports so we set out to find some awesome sport-related house gear for the occasion and we came back with the perfect bowl set.

Remarkabowl sport bowls for dogs are fantastic. They come in three sizes and three-sport related themes including football, soccer, and basketball. And guess what! The company even makes matching bowls for humans. You know what that means? You and your dog dad can have matching bowls! Just think about it… Him eating his soup for dinner out of a sport-themed bowl while you chow down on some dog good. Sounds great, right? It’s the perfect gift to bring the two of you even closer.

Dog-themed Beer Cozies by My Beer Cozy

Gifts for Dog Dads | My Beer Cozy

Lots of dads like a nice cold beer while relaxing at home. The problem is that if you don’t drink them fast, they get warm and gross. To help keep dad from guzzling, why not get him a set of these awesome dog-themed beer cozies?

These puppies are made of premium neoprene, not that flimsy foam stuff. They fold flat for easy storage and can even be machine washed in case dad does the unthinkable and spills his beer!

There are two 4-packs to choose from — Set 1 and Set 2. Besides being useful, they’re sure to make dad and his friends laugh.

Water-weighted Dog Toy by Tuggo

Gifts for Dog Dads | Tuggo |

Don’t get me wrong with this product – my dog dad loves to play with me, but sometimes it tires him out. He works so hard and he sometimes just needs to sit down and relax. While this bums me out from time-to-time, I totally understand, and I found the perfect present for him to make us both happy: Tuggo!

Tuggo is this great toy which can be used at home or out and about and allows me to play with no effort from my dad. I simply drag it around and play tug-a-war with myself! Because the ball on the end is filled with water and super hefty, it fights back while I tug away. It’s almost just like playing with my dad and gives him the break he deserves. Plus, it’s totally durable and leak-proof. It even has two knots so two dogs can play.

Extreme Outback Country Lodge Dog House by Mills Fleet Farm


Dads love cabins, right? So what’s better than a dog house cabin? During our searches for great presents here at Paws for Humanity we ran across this super cool and stylish Extreme Outback Country Lodge Dog House. While the spaciousness of it would benefit any dog, we decided it would benefit dog dads too! How?

It’s simple! Those regular white igloo-looking houses the world is used to seeing get grimy and gross really quickly and they’re certainly not easy to clean. The house is different. It’s designed for easy cleaning, saving both time and effort for any dog dad. Plus, it’s super attractive and built with real wood. It looks great on any porch or in any yard and is something any dad would be proud to show off to his friends and family. Queue the jealous looks now!

American Mutt Blueprint by Uncommon Goods

Gifts for Dog Dads | American Mutt Blueprint |

Dads of dogs often love to show off the pride they have in their pets, which is why we thought this American Mutt blueprint would be perfect to add to the list. You can choose from a series of dog silhouettes to find the perfect match so your dad can show off his pride. There’s over 80 breeds included so you can mix and match for the perfect blueprint. Plus, the top is stamped with the word “rescued” so your dog dad gets the honor he deserves for rescuing you.

It takes a really special person to rescue a dog and this present is the perfect way to show Dad you appreciate what he did for you. Oh, and did we mention this product is made right here in the US? Yep! Portland, Oregon. How cool is that?

Scent Markers by Innovet

Gifts for Dog Dads | Scent Markers by Innovet |

As many of us know, aging dogs tend to lose sight and some dogs are born blind or become blind at some point in their lives. As a result, this can often lead to confusion when walking around the house, and in turn, it can lead to knocked over and broken items and potentially costly even injuries. Our pal Max suggested these awesome scent markers, which allow dogs to follow a scent around the house so they are less likely to bump into things or get injured.

How do these help out dog dads? The easier Fido can move around, the less items Dad has to replace. And, because they can help prevent injury, they can save Dad a pretty penny on vet bills. We all know how expensive those can be!

LeashLight by PupLight

Gifts for Dog Dads | LeashLight |

I have to admit; I sometimes wake my dad in the wee hours of the night or very early in the morning to go to the bathroom. I can’t help it! This is sort of a problem for both me and my dog dad for one reason: it’s hard to see when it’s dark outside!

I was so excited when I came across the LeashLight because I knew it would be the perfect fix to my dad’s problem. The LED light clips right on to almost any leash with ease and stays in place with a Velcro strip. It’s durable and weather resistant, so it’s great for both those quick nighttime potty runs or long walks in the evening. It keeps both me and my dad safe, which is so important – ask Maggie! She’s all about safety.

Apparel Every Dog Dad Needs

Every dog dad needs some doggy-themed swag, right? Of course he does! If you would like to get your dad something to represent his style and his strong love for you, this is the category to be in. You’ll find everything from matching sweatshirts to shoes and even a cool collar for you.

Dog Adoption T-Shirt by Rsque Brand

Gifts for Dog Dads | Rsque Brand Tshirt |

Rsque Brand was born out of an inspiring story about Gustav, a German Shepherd pup that was abandoned and suffered a case of mange that would turn most people away. But through the open hearts of some amazing people and Gustav’s own will to live, he healed and turned into a gorgeous animal. His foster parents, Anne and Michael Wollner, ended up adopting him and starting this company with a mission to promote adoption and help rescue homeless animals.

If your dog dad is a proud adopter, we’re sure he would love the super cool Dog Days: Pet Adoption Saves Lives t-shirt. The ¾ length sleeves are perfect for the heat of the upcoming summer and the stylish logo is sure to turn heads everywhere he goes.

The best part about it? The whole world will know how awesome your dad is for adopting a pet!

ASPCA Dog-Themed Shoes by Vans

Gifts for Dog Dads | Vans ASPCA Slip Ons |

If cool kicks are more your dog dad’s thing, these ASPCA dog-themed shoes are the perfect present. Not only are they totally stylish, they’re also easy to slip right on for quick walks and potty time. No dad likes to spend multiple minutes lacing up shoes to go out for those short strolls and potty breaks, so these shoes come in perfectly.

We’re sure your dad will love these American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals inspired shoes because they help bring awareness to a cause we’re sure is dear to his heart in a stylish and comfortable way.

Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie by American Apparel (and matching gear for Dad!)

Gifts for Dog Dads | Fleece Hoodie by American Apparel |

You’ve seen those couples who wear matching sweatshirts, haven’t you? Well, today we’re bringing the same idea to dogs and humans. If you’ve always wanted to match your stylish dog dad, this is a gift you certainly want to snatch up right away.

American Apparel makes a super stylish sweatshirt for dogs with a matching one for dads available too. Think about the possibilities! You and Dad walking down the street sporting the coolest matching sweatshirts around, watching as everyone stares on their way past the two of you; jealous as can be. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Your dad is sure to think so too!

Manly Mustache Collar by Muttropolis

Gifts for Dog Dads | Manly Mutt Collar |

This product isn’t specifically for dog dads to wear, but it’s still a great Father’s Day present in the clothing category! The manly mustache collar is a super sleek, super stylish collar any dog dad would love to walk his dog with. It’s sure to turn heads! No more girly collars or scary spikes thanks to this fun and funky design.

Plus, it’s easy to buckle with the seat-belt like latch, and made with great materials right here in the US.

Cotton Camo Dog Hoodie by Casual Canine

Another clothing item which made it on the list is this camo dog sweatshirt. While this one is another one meant for Fido and not directly for Dad to wear, it’s still a wonderful present for the special dog dad in your life. What dad wouldn’t love walking his pup in a camo sweatshirt? It can be difficult to find clothing to keep a dog warm while staying manly and this is the perfect solution to that problem. It doesn’t hurt that the inside is fleecy as an extra bonus for Fido either!

Gifts for Dog Dads Who Like to Travel

Lots of dog dads love to get outside for adventure, but traveling with pets can be difficult…or so my humans tell me, anyway. Because of that, we’re covering some great travel gift ideas that work for day trips, longer road trips and camping.

ClickIt Safety Harness by SleepyPod

Gifts For Dog Dads | Sleepy Pod Harness |

As a dog who loves to travel, riding in the car is one of my favorite pastimes. Seeing the scenery wiz by as I let out my tongue and feel the breeze of the air coming through the crack in the window is what I live for. But, I run into a problem when riding. Sometimes I get too excited by what’s outside of the car and try to jump around. This often results in me sliding around and falling off the seat. Ouch! Plus, (don’t tell him this) my human drives a little crazy around corners from time-to-time. This results in some major seat scratching, and he certainly isn’t a big fan of that.

That’s where the SleepyPod ClickIt Safety Harness comes in! It’s like a regular seatbelt, but fits around me to ensure safety no matter what happens in the car. The padded vest is very comfortable and distributes the force of an impact, lessening the chance of injury. It has a high safety rating and even received Top Performer in the Center for Pet Safety’s 2013 Safety Harness Study. It keeps me in place during Dad’s crazy driving, and keeps his seats from getting all scratched up. No more digging my claws into his precious seats when I sense a turn coming on!

Car Organizer for Dog Gear by Cargo Gear

Gifts for Dog Dads | Cargo Gear Car Organizer |

My dad is an over-packer. He always has to bring my water, extra food, my sweater, an extra leash, and even an extra collar. He’s always prepared for the worst, but it results in a cluttered car. I decided the Car Organizer for Dog Gear would be a good present for him because, well, it’s no fun accidentally plopping down on the metal of a leash thrown on the seat.

This organizer is perfect for any pet dad because it’s simple to use and saves a ton of room and mess. With multiple pouches for food, water, toys, and more, it just makes sense. Oh, and the built in doo-bag compartment is an added touch I’m sure all humans would appreciate.

Portable Pet Water Bowl by Water Rover

Gifts for Dog Dads | Water Rover Water Bottle |

I’m constantly thirsty. As a result, my dad has to carry around bulky water bottles when traveling, or worse, share from his own. He’s not a big fan of sharing from his bottle. He says I slobber too much. Whatever…

The Bigger Water Rover water bottle is the perfect gift for dog dads like mine who are tired of carrying around the weight of big bottles. This bottle carries a lot of water, but isn’t bulky and hard to carry. The added feature of the flip out cup is awesome and easy to drink from. With this gift, your hikes can last even longer! Think of how happy that will make your dad.

Seat Mat by Stayjax

Gifts for Dog Dads | Stayjax Seat Covers |

As I mentioned above, my dad isn’t a big fan of when I scratch his seats. He also isn’t a big fan of the hair I leave behind. I asked the pups around Paws for Humanity about the situation and their dads hate scratched seats and furry messes, too, so we came to the consensus that the Stayjax Seat Mat would be a great product to add to this gift list.

This mat is great because it’s thick and durable. No claw penetration here! It’s made from this super-durable PVC material with a raised bump pattern so the risk of sliding around is slim to none, but it is still very comfy to lay on. To be honest, I sort of wish I could travel all day with this seat cover. It’s that comfy. The mat stays put and so do I!

The best part about it is that it includes openings for a safety harness to be used for double protection. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Simply wipe off and go. Oh, and hard installation? No way! It takes less than 30 seconds to throw this guy into any car. Awesome, right? To top off all the great features, it’s made right here in the US to ensure quality and great craftsmanship for every mat. No more scratched up or hairy seats!

Camo Handlers Bag by Mud River

Gifts for Dog Dads | GRW Handlers Bag by Mud River |

Now, I don’t know about you, but my dad loves camo. He’s big into outdoors and because he doesn’t carry a purse like my mom does, it can be hard for him to carry around all my training supplies. While searching for great bags he could put my hunting training supplies in, or really anything else for travel, I came across the Mud River Handlers Bag in camo.

This bag was designed for hunters with dogs by hunters with dogs and it’s one of the best on the market with its durability, one-year warranty, comfortable design, and other awesome qualities. It was designed by professional trainer Patricia Higgs and was inspired by doctor’s bags for easy and quick removal of training tools and gear. It’s so good one of the reviewers of the product had his stolen and he had to purchase another! While I don’t recommend stealing one for your dad, I definitely recommend purchasing one.

Shake Portable Dog Potty by Modko

Gifts for Dog Dads | Shake Dog Potty by Modko |

While traveling, it can be hard for dog dads to find a place for his precious pet to go to the bathroom. Sometimes there’s grass around, but not always; sometimes there’s only concrete and other unsightly surfaces many dogs won’t “go” on. So what’s the solution?

The Shake Portable Dog Potty! Its sleek design makes it easy to take on trips while remaining discreet. When a dog has to go potty, he can simply nudge his dad and let him know. Pop out the Shake Portable Potty and you’re all set. Plus, cleanup is super easy and simple. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, really. Your dad is sure to thank you for this one! Traveling made easy.

A Slick Leash Latch by MagicLatch

Gifts for Dog Dads | Magic Latch |

When traveling, or even just at home, some dogs have a problem sitting still. As a result, it can be difficult for a dog dad to put a leash on his pet. Luckily, there’s a product to fix that problem: the MagicLatch.

This latch is simple to use. Ahead of time, dog dads can attach the dangle on any collar so he is set up for easy leash attachment at any time. When it’s time to go for a walk, all Dad has to do is place the magnetic grabber on the leash and go! The strong hold of the magnet will hold up to an 85-pound dog and is sure to work even with those dogs who like to pull and tug. Forget allowing dad to spend minutes fumbling around with hooks and whatnot and get him the MagicLatch so he can complete the process in under 10 seconds!

One Last Gift: Chocolate! by Rescue Chocolate

Gifts for Dog Dads | Rescue Chocolate |

While dogs aren’t supposed to have chocolate, there’s no rule against dog dads having it. But here’s the thing… Not all chocolate is the same quality and we want you to give your dog dad only the best of the best. He does so much for you after all! So, we did our research and came across the coolest chocolate product we’ve ever seen: Rescue Chocolate.

This chocolate is special not only because it’s vegan, organic, Kosher Parve, and made of only quality ingredients right in the US, but also because part of the proceeds go to a cause  dear to our hearts here at Paws for Humanity: no kill advocacy centers. This company is fighting hard to save the lives of innocent animals all over the country and will stop at nothing until its dream comes true. You can’t tell us Dad wouldn’t love chocolate supporting a cause like that!

This chocolate comes in flavors like Peanut Butter Pitbull, Forever Mocha, Mission Feral Fig, Bananas Foster Dog, Fakin’ Bacon, Foster-iffic Peppermint, and more.

Help support the dream of a no-kill nation and give Dad some delicious chocolate this Father’s Day!

Wrap Up

We’ve covered gifts from bags and swag to shoes, chocolate, seat covers, and more and we hope we gave you some ideas for Father’s Day presents for dog dads: the special men in your life who have given you so much.

We would love if you shared some of your own ideas on our Facebook page!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, our furry friends!

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Dog Magnets Put the Fun in Functional (Pssst…& Make Great Gifts!)

Dog Magnets |

Dog Magnets: They’re Not Just for the Fridge Anymore!

Dog Magnets | PawsForHumanity.comHello, everyone! It’s Bella here and I will be talking about dog magnets today. Yes, dog magnets. I’ll be delighting you 25 different adorable, fun magnets featuring cute doggies to liven up your home and car.

Seriously, magnets aren’t a luxury item. No! They’re a must have. What else is going to hold your glamour shots up on the fridge or show off your doggy pride on your car? Get pumped, friends. This is going to be a good one!

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, so I made sure to cover a wide variety; from cutesy to funny, there’s a magnet for every personality. You’re sure to find at least one you can’t live without! I know I sure did while searching for the best of the best to bring to my friends.

Dog Magnets |

Dog Magnets for Your Home

Champ convinced me to talk about humorous dog magnets first. We all need a good laugh every now and then, right?

Funny Dog Magnets

Cute Butts with Wagg-y Tails

To kick off the humor section, we’re throwing in these oddly adorable dog butt magnets. These strong magnets come in a pack of six, featuring the butts of a Scottie, Pug, Retriever, Dalmatian, and a Poodle, along with a fire hydrant (someone was thinking, right!?!?!). They are sure to give your guests a little giggle!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

It’s All Fun and Games Until…

We’re all about fun and games here at Paws for Humanity, and because of that, this magnet is one of our favorites. It reads: “It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone.” There truly is nothing good about being stuck in a cone, as I’m sure you know, and this magnet is a completely hilarious way to say so. Plus, it’s made right here in the USA and can stick to your car or refrigerator with its ultra-strong hold.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

We Like Big Mutts

What can I say? We like big mutts here at Paws for Humanity and we cannot lie! Don’t worry though, my little friends. We like you too! This magnet is made in the USA and is super strong for a good hold on your car or refrigerator.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

Somebody Farted

As a lady, I try not to giggle at the subject of farts, but sometimes I can’t help it. This “somebody farted” magnet is entirely too funny for words. It’s a 2×3-inch magnet made in the USA out of quality materials like metal and thick laminate. The best part? The company who creates these even donates part of the profit to dogs in need! If a Boxer is more your type, check out this version.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

Dog Hair is a Condiment?

As I’m sure you all know, living in a dog-friendly house means that sometimes fur ends up in food. Don’t worry though. It’s a condiment! Ok, maybe not, but this magnet is still hilarious. It’s made in the USA out of quality materials sure to please any humor-loving pet friend.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

More Dog Hair Humor

“The finishing touch to any outfit is dog hair,” right? You know it, and so does this humor-filled handmade magnet! Plus, you can order a pin version of it as well to wear out and about to share your furry pride.

Dog Magnet |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Reminder Magnet: Feed the Dog

Sometimes humans can be tricked into forgetting if they’ve fed us. For a dog watching her figure, like me, it can be difficult to stay fit when I beg and get fed too much. This feeding reminder magnet solves that problem! It’s double-sided and homemade out of quality materials. Yep! You read that right. This funny, but useful magnet is homemade! Oh, and there’s one for walk reminders too!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

That’s enough humor – wait, you can’t have enough humor. But, at least for now, I should probably move on to the next subject. Don’t want to miss my grooming appointment!

Adorable Dog Magnets

Adorable magnets are my favorite, for obvious reasons. Every diva needs at least three in her castle, right? Definitely! 

Paws For Humanity Character Magnets

Well of course I couldn’t leave our very own set off the list. Our magnets are big, glass and each is strong enough to hold your favorite dog treat recipe, a picture of your furry family member, or a picture of me…oh wait…you already get a picture of me! Besides, these cuties come in a nice box making them the perfect gift for your dog-loving friends.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Paws For Humanity!

Midori Dog Magnets

Don’t let the size of these small dog magnets fool you. They are stronger than they look! The 6-pack features an adorable array of dogs including a Beagle, Terrier, Pug, Dachshund, and more. Each is painted with great detail and sure to bring a smile to your muzzle…oops, I meant “face.”

Dog Magnets

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon

Adorable Prints, Adorable Pups

OMG – Can you say ADORABLE? I sure can! These cutely patterned magnets belong in every home. Each dog has a different pattern and an adorable featured bow as well. We all know how much I love bows! These heavy-duty magnets are handmade, too.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Bottle Cap Dress-Up Dogs

We all like to dress up sometimes, right? These magnets are each unique and homemade with high quality materials. The funny hats and creative outfits each dog features are to die for and would look great in any home.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Simple Dog Love

Sometimes simple is all the cute you need. These magnets are basic, but oh-so-adorable and fit for any dog-loving home. They are handmade right here in the USA, so you can feel good about this purchase!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Customizable Pet Magnet

Sometimes the best magnets are the ones which feature ourselves. With this design, all you have to do it send in your best glamour shot and wait for your magnet to come in the mail about a week later. How cool is that? Each magnet is made with precision and attention to detail and I think that rocks!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Glittered Glamour

Nothing says glamour like glitter, which is why I love this magnet. It’s simple, sweet, and has just the right amount of color pop. Plus, it’s handmade in the USA. I sure do love to support local artists!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Dog Nose Cuteness

What’s cuter than a dog nose? Practically nothing! I love this dog nose magnet because it’s simple, strong, and original. It’s handmade in the USA to ensure quality, too. I had the hardest time deciding if I should put this in the “funny” or “cute” category!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Dog Magnets for Dishwashers

There’s nothing worse than not remembering if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty, but I have a solution for you: fantastically adorable clean/dirty dishwasher magnets.

Dirty or Clean Pup?

With this magnet it’s easy to tell if the dishes are clean or dirty. It features a clean white dog to represent clean dishes and a light grey covered pup to represent dirty dishes. Simply flip it when you load and unload your dishwasher. This magnet is made in the USA and a portion of the proceeds go to dogs in need. If a Dalmatian is your dog, try this version!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

Double-Sided Dirty or Clean Magnet

For a funny and useful magnet, check out this double-sided dirty or clean pup magnet. It fits right into any home with its stylish look and strong hold. Though many pups like to scratch, this magnet doesn’t. Your surfaces are safe! Simply flip to the pup-in-suds side for clean dishes and the pup-in-the-trash side for dirty dishes.

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

Dog Licked Them Clean

This magnet ties humor with a good use to make one of the funniest and most realistic dishwasher clean/dirty magnets we’ve seen on the market. You can choose from four colors: pink, blue, lavender, and black. These are handmade in the USA and pack a punch of quality.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Dog Magnets for Cars, Along with Some Decals

Now that I’ve covered all sorts of great magnets for household use, it’s time to talk about decking out your car in doggy greatness. I’ll be covering some cute, funny, and totally necessary dog magnets, as well as some dog decals for your car.

Dog Decals for Your Car

Ying Yang: Humans and Dogs

The unification of dogs and humans in this world is a great thing, and this Ying and Yang dog paw print and human handprint decal makes for one of the best representations of that. Show your love of one another with this classic piece that’s sure to draw lots of positive attention. Though this decal is a great value, it’s still made from high quality vinyl for a lasting effect.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

Doggy Nose Art

“My windows aren’t dirty! That’s my dog’s nose art.” Ah, what a beautiful saying. It’s so great when humans understand this sort of thing. I love the humor of this decal and I also love that it has no background color so it blends right in to any vehicle. It’s easy to apply, too.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

Love Dogs

We at Paws for Humanity favor things that represent love for dogs, which is why this decal is one of my favorites. Not only is it simply cute, it’s durable and has an expected lifespan of 6-7 years. It’s super easy to apply, too, and is made in the USA.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

Wag More, Bark Less

This classic dog decal for your car is a favorite across the country. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of these decals out and about. In fact, just the other day when I was headed to my nail appointment, I spotted two! It’s easy to see why so many people are sporting them. High quality mixed with a simple look and a cute quote – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Amazon!

Dog Magnets for Your Car

Pet Love

This simple car magnet features a cute dog print as the “O” in the word “love” and I’m fully convinced every pet-lover should own at least one of this design. It’s handmade in the USA and consumers can choose between a white or black background. Because these magnets aren’t made until you order, you can choose any other color you desire if a simple white or black isn’t your style. I do love a good pop of color!

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

My Best Friend Rescued Me

Who rescued who? This car magnet is simple, as well as handmade in the USA. Like the previous magnet, with this one, you can choose between a white or black background, or go crazy and choose another color altogether.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Dog Hair on Board

We all know how that goes. Why not have a magnet to warn unsuspecting passengers? If you like to tell it how it is, you need this simple handmade magnet! It is created in the USA with quality materials for a strong hold to give you years of car décor.

Dog Magnets |

Buy Now | Dog Magnets |
Available on Etsy!

Make Your Own Dog Magnets

Not seeing what you like here? Make your own! All you need is a few supplies and a little creativity.

What You’ll Need:

  • Strong magnets – you’ll want lots so you can create multiple magnets for every mood!
  • Super strong craft glue or diamond glaze (made in the USA!)
  • Clear, smooth glass pieces – circle, square, or heart shaped
  • An image for the magnet (a glamour shot, magazine cutout, print, postcard cutout, ribbon, etc).
  • Scissors

What to Do:

  1. Cut out your picture, or whatever else you will be using, into the appropriate size for the glass
  2. Glue the picture to the flat side of the glass, face down
  3. Glue the magnet to the back of the picture
  4. Let it all dry overnight – I know, it’s hard!
  5. Enjoy!

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it! I’m so very glad you came to Paws for Humanity today and I do hope you share this article with your friends. As always, we’d appreciate a “like” on our Facebook page and for you to enter our current giveaway!

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GPS Microchip for Dogs: Clearing Up a Common Misconception

GPS Microchip for Dogs | Pixabay Image |

Sniffing Out The Truth About How GPS Tracking Systems and Microchips Work

Bear | GPS Microchip for Dogs | PawsForHumanity.comWell hey there, guys. Bear here to cover today’s topic: understanding how GPS tracking systems and microchips work to help keep dogs like me safe. There is a kicker though; while many people think they’re the same thing, GPS tracking systems and microchips are actually two different products. I know, crazy, right?!?!?

If you haven’t heard already, May is Chip Your Pet Month. To help you decide if using a microchip or GPS tracking system is right for you, we sniffed out the information you need to figure it all out. Chipping a pet and using GPS tracking systems doesn’t have to be confusing!


GPS Microchip for Dogs | Pixabay Image |

Why You Should Consider One or Both Options

The American Humane Association says that…

“Millions of dogs and cats are taken to animal shelters as strays each year — but only about 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats who end up in shelters without an ID tag or microchip are reunited with their owners.”

We want to change that.

Let’s break down the differences between these technologies so that you can start your safety measures as soon as possible!

How Are GPS Tracking Systems and Microchips Different?

Microchips and GPS trackers are similar products, but they hold one critical difference: the range at which they can help a pet be located.

A microchip is known as a Radio Frequency Identification Device, or an RFID, and is the size of a small grain of rice that is placed under the skin of a pet.  It can be picked up by a reader up to a maximum of a few feet away, and when the chip is picked up, a special serial number is used to help figure out pet and owner information. The majority of pet owners use this option and when a pet is found, it can be taken to a vet or shelter where the chip can be read.

A GPS tracking system, on the other paw, allows pet owners to track the location of their pets even if they aren’t taken to a vet or pound generally through a tracking collar. Special readers, or even phone apps, connect with three GPS satellites to find the specific location of a pet. Because this sort of chip connects with satellites and cell towers, a dog can be tracked from across the country, or potentially even the world.

Now that we’ve broken down the differences, let’s break down the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Each System



  • This type of ID cannot be lost because it’s placed under the skin
  • Most chips can be read by the majority of vets and shelters
  • No worry about your pet getting the device wet
  • Some companies have no monthly charge
  • Can be used for any size of pet


  • The insertion can be painful for pets, though local anesthetics are often used to help with that
  • Chip may migrate away from place of insert, which may cause problems with potential readings
  • There is no chip reader that reads all brands, so your chip may not be read
  • You must register your chip for it to be usable and information needs to kept up to date
  • It could be rejected by the body, as with any foreign object
  • There is a short range of reading

GPS Tracking Systems


  • These can be easily used with a cell phone app or other device from anywhere in the world
  • You can actively locate your dog instead of waiting for it to be found and returned to you
  • There is no risk of the body rejecting a foreign object (because there is none introduced into the body)
  • No painful insertion or risk of migration
  • Indefinite range


  • Generally, these rest on the outside of the pet in the form of a collar and can be lost
  • Devices can be a little bulky and heavy for dogs under 20 pounds
  • Some services charge a monthly fee
  • Batteries need to be charged or replaced often and will not work with dead batteries
  • Most devices, while water resistant, are not waterproof

As with anything, check with your vet to choose the best option for your family. Some may find that one option is better than the other, while others may find that using both systems is best.

Now that you understand the difference between the two technologies and their respective pros/cons, it’s time to dive into some specifics about microchips and GPS tracking systems.


When purchasing a microchip, it’s important to go for a well-known, highly-respected brand. The majority of chip readers are set to read only the biggest brands and if a pet is turned into a shelter or vet office with a lesser-known brand, the reader may not pick it up.

It is important to talk to your vet about which microchips are most used in your area and are most likely able to be read by the scanners near you. But before meeting with your vet, think about some of the questions you might want to ask.  A company called Microchip ID Systems has compiled an excellent resource for helping you choose the perfect microchip for your pet. Here’s a link to that document: Guide to Choosing a Microchip Company

It is also important to remember to go to your vet annually the have the chip scanned to ensure that it is a) still working and b) updated with the correct information (if they perform that service for you).

You can also register your pet’s microchip with the Found Animals Registry, which is a free service and tracks microchips for all manufacturers.

GPS Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems can be found at many pet retailers and do not have to be issued through a vet. Though there are many options available at a wide range of prices, here are two products that get rave reviews from buyers.

Garmin Astro 320 T5 Dog GPS Bundle

Buy Now | GPS Microchip for Dogs |
Available On Amazon

Garmin is one of the biggest names in GPS tracking and the Garmin Astro 320 T5 Dog GPS Bundle is one of the best tracking devices of all time. It comes with a super bright adjustable orange collar fit for almost any size of dog, as well as rechargeable Li-ion batteries with a life of up to 40 hours.

The GPS system is extremely sensitive and the reader itself is highly impressive. Though this device is not accessible via a mobile app, finding the location of the dog attached to the tracking system is easier than ever with the lightweight reader small enough to fit into a glovebox or purse. 

And, it can track up to 10 dogs at once! This is a super choice for people who love to camp, hike, hunt or live in a rural location.

Owners of this system tend to rave about it as you can read in these Amazon reviews.

Whistle GPS Tracker

Buy Now | GPS Microchip for Dogs |
Available on Amazon

The Whistle GPS Tracker features a sleek, yet comfortable design for dogs of all sizes 15 pounds and above. It is also waterproof and durable.

With this device, pet owners can track pets right from their smartphone and will be notified if he trots past the preset boundaries. It provides service throughout the entire country through GPS and cellular towers and will work anywhere a pet owner has cellphone service.

Plus, as an added bonus, multiple pets can be tracked with the app. The best part has to be the strong battery though, which lasts up to 10 full days. With over 300 customer reviews on Amazon, this product stands out. Besides, they have this awesome video advertisement…enjoy!


Pet Tags

In addition to a microchip and/or a GPS tracking system, we always recommend a pet tag. Though they are simple pieces of metal, they can greatly assist lost dogs find their way back home. Check out these great options!

Strong Stainless Steel

This strong stainless steel pet tag is sturdy, simple, and perfect for every pet. It allows the ability to add up to 8 lines of text and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Because these tags are so durable, they are much less prone to wear and are sure to last you a lifetime.

Pop of Color

If you’re looking for a pet tag with a pop of color, check out these pet ID tags! You can choose between nine different colors, plus a variety of shapes and sizes.

They are made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum for a long lasting product that brings both style and usability. Up to eight lines of text are available for these tags.

Wrap Up

Protecting our pets and being able to find them when they get lost or sneak off is part of being a responsible pet owner. We hope this article helped you pick the best option for getting your pet safely home if the worst happens and he or she get’s lost.

Have you tried a GPS tracking system? Tell us on Facebook! We’d love to hear about your experience.

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May 2016 Giveaway – We Have a Winner!

Cesar Millan's Dog Backpack

The May 2016 Giveaway is Open for Entries!

Max | May 2016 Giveaway | PawsForHumanity.comHey guys, Max here with the details on our giveaway for May. I’m so excited about this prize because I think every dog should have one; we’re giving away a Cesar Millan Dog Backpack valued at $85!

Now if you know anything about dogs, you know we like to have a job. We check the perimeter of the property for invaders of all sorts, we guard our family members and we like to go on walks.

What many owners don’t know is that we can also have a job while on walks, hikes and other outdoor adventures. It makes us feel like a valued member of the pack.


So, go grab your human and ask them to enter this month’s Paws For Humanity giveaway. Here’s how…


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Rules (Summary)

All of the details are in the giveaway Terms and Conditions, which are in the giveaway form above. But just so you know the basics:

[wpsm_list type=”bullet”]

  • Notice: This giveaway is not in any way sponsored by Cesar Millan or any of his companies including
  • Entry Period: May 3, 2016 through midnight on May 31, 2016.
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Charitable Giving Update for April 2016

Charitable Giving Update |

Charitable Giving Update | PawsForHumanity.comIt wasn’t much, but it was something!

Maggie here with our first monthly update on charitable giving here at Paws For Humanity.

If you checked out our About Giving page, you know that we’ve committed to giving away 10% of all product sales and 10% of all affiliate income to our selected charities.

Right now, we have only one carefully-selected charity and that is We love their mission to train service dogs and pair them with disabled American veterans and others who so deeply need a service dog.

We launched on April 18, 2016. The launch notice went out to family, friends and business contacts.

We were fortunate to have their support; many people shared the site with their family and friends and a few even purchased products from our shop. That allowed us to be able to make our first donation check!

So a great big “Thank You!” to all who helped spread the word and make this small first check happen.

Charitable Giving Update

Shop Income (10%)N/AN/AN/A$20.40$4.40$0.00$5.16
Amazon Income (10%)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$9.49$32.50
Wholesale Income (10%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$0.00
Affiliate Earnings (10%)N/AN/AN/A$0.00$0.28$0.15$0.54