Our Story

Maggie the Spokespooch | Paws For Humanity Story | www.PawsForHumanity.comHi, I’m Maggie, the proud Spokespooch at Paws For Humanity.

Paws For Humanity is a tiny company; my owners hatched the idea to build it in 2015 and asked me to be the face of the company. Hey, what pooch doesn’t like loads of attention so of course I agreed!

Here’s the idea ~

We know that dog lovers just dig it when they discover a new dog-related item for the home or a super cool t-shirt that lets everyone know that pooch smooches are welcome!

Some people enjoy wearing unique, handmade jewelry that shows their love for their furry family members.

Then there are those humans that are die-hard loyalists to a specific breed, they just gotta have stuff that represents “their” breed (oh, yeah, Akita crazy lady…I’m talking to you!). Mutt lovers, it seems, are just as zealous. Well don’t worry, we’ve got ya all covered!

Wherever possible, we look for products made right here in the United States. There are craftsmen (and craftswomen!) making amazing things just waiting to be discovered. Some products we have made under our brand, others we just think are super cool and so we showcase those as well.

So think of me as your premium-product watch dog. I’m on the lookout for awesomeness to fetch your way!

Helping dog lovers get great products is fun, but the best part is that every purchase helps support non-profits who rescue and train service dogs for disabled veterans. Our company, through its sales, donates 10% of our income to these organizations. You can read more about that here.

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Now that you know a bit about me and the company, I’ll just curl up here next to my humans who are doing all the hard work and make sure things go as planned.


Psst…for fun, here’s a list of our unique metal dog signs.